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Content Content 0 1. Introduction 1 2. History 1 3. Reason for the Large Scale of Immigration 3 4. Policy and Regulation 4 5. Problems 7 5.1. Illegal Immigration 7 5.2. Religious and Cultural Conflicts among Immigrants and Natives 9 5.3. Social Unrest 11 5.4. Affecting the Education System 12 6. Solutions 14 7. Concession 17 7.1. Alleviate the Pressure of Aging Problem in EU 17 7.2. Boost the economy in Europe 18 8. Conclusion 19 9. Bibliography 19

1. Introduction
The issue of immigration has been the hot debated topic in the European Union for a long time. And there is obvious evidence that the upsurge of immigration into the Europe will not be calmed down within a short time.
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Since this report focuses on immigration and the problems it brought about within the region of Europe, the history part will be illustrated mainly by examples in Europe.
As to the prehistoric migration, in this period, migration is mostly driven by the major climate shifts which forced the occurrence of human transfers. Historians and anthropologies all agree on the assumption that in Europe, there could have been southward immigration to escape the spread of ice sheets in glacial period and a backward reverse after the glaciers melted.
As suggested by the name of the second period “conquests, invasions and population transfers”, military acts were the main driven force of the migration in this period. The corresponding example within the Europe could be the flows and counter flows of tribes—from the prairies in East Asia to the Baltic regions. And accordingly, the more complicated population exchanges took place for the reason of survival, political issues and military strategies.
Undoubtedly, Europeans played the fundamental roles in the third period which is closely linked with the exploration and colonization. This exactly refers to the discovery of “new world” such as the Americas and Asia by European explorers 500 years ago and the following development of

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