European Influence On North American Culture

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The cultural and social impact of the European arrival in North America is still seen throughout the three modern day countries that occupy this continent. This history is best understood when examined from the perspective of both European immigrants and native North Americans and how they influenced each other’s lives. Discussing the significance of the European cultural, social, and technological influences on the native peoples of North America, and how their life was forever changed, is integral in the study of North America and its people.
Initial contact
When Europeans first arrived at different locations on the North American continent the indigenous populations that they encountered were vastly different. This influenced the approach that was taken by these new arrivals to survive. Specifically, the sizes of these native populations in certain areas, dictated the methods used and the pace at which Europeans first began their development (Brescia & Super, 2009. Page 111). The Europeans that
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Citing several primary sources and focusing on the Native American tribes that inhabited the central plains and Rocky Mountains of present day United States and the St. Lawrence River Valley of Canada. In 1787 Saukamappee a Cree Indian, was interviewed by David Thompson and he describes life prior to their acquisition of horses, guns, and European diseases (Hämäläinen & Johnson, 2012. Page 135-138). Saukamappee recalls that their battles with enemies were more even sided with battles taking place without the loss of one man, these battles were fought with bows, arrows, shields, and lances. Usually the outcome of these skirmishes where decided by the side that was more numerous. Saukamappee explains that “in those days such was the result, unless one party was more numerous than the other” (Hämäläinen & Johnson, 2012. Page

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