European Influence On American Society

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Through major trade, exploration, and war the Europeans came across many different societies and constructed views about those societies. These societies ranged from massive thriving civilizations to primitive civilizations in their eyes. The Europeans views on these societies were greatly based on wealth, clothing and cultural views. The Europeans had very distinct views on the east Africans, the Indians also known as Americans, and the Turks.
The Europeans viewed the east Africans in a negative and inferior light. The Europeans were used to vast wealth and fancy clothes and buildings. The east Africans were a simpler group of people. The Europeans were surprised by the appearance of the Africans because they were darker complicated. Alivse Da Mosto went into deep description of the Africans. “They were very black in color, with well-formed bodies, a span higher than they themselves. The lower lip, more than a span in width, hung down, huge and red…” (Voyage to Africa, 378). The Europeans viewed them as inferior due to their poorness and lack of advancement in architecture. Alivse Da Mosto writes about their houses. “You must know that this King is lord of very poor
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The Europeans knew they were extremely easy to exploit due to their niceness and lack of weapon advancements. Christopher Columbus gives us insight to just how behind they were in terms of technology. “They have no iron or steel or weapons, nor are they fitted to use them, not because they are not well-built men and of handsome stature, but because they ate very marvelously timorous” (Letter on His First Voyage, 383). Christopher Columbus also writes about their immense wealth in gold. “In it, there is gold incalculable, and from it and from the other islands, I bring with me Indians as evidence” (Letter on His First Voyage, 385). Due to their wealth and lack of technology the Europeans viewed them as

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