European Imperialism During The Late 1800 's And Early 1900 ' S

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During the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, scramble for Africa, or known as the European Imperialism, was at its peak in Europe. One of the reasons why it was so broadly popular was due to the political and economic benefits it gave. Because rivalry between countries was also present at the same time when European Imperialism was rising, having colonies was a symbol for international power. Thus, more colonies meant more political power. Yet, more importantly, it was the economic benefits that the countries wanted more than the political benefits. These economic factors from Africa were one of the major essences of European Imperialism in that they were the key to have more success economically. Jules ferry reveals the importance of European Imperialism in his speech similar to this, focusing on the economic factors. Jules Ferry reveals the essence of European Imperialism by claiming it was beneficial for their economies.

In the document “Speech Before the French Chamber of Deputies, March 28, 1884,” Jules Ferry justifies the European’s actions to make colonies and his justification was mostly based on two major economic benefits, new market and raw materials. He says “our major industries… lack more and more outlets. Because next door Germany is setting up trade barriers; because across the ocean the United States of America have become protectionists.” Thus, he argues that the international market is getting smaller and consequently, new markets are needed. Hence, he saw…

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