European Imperialism : A Staple Of World Politics Essay

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European imperialism was a staple of world politics for several centuries, and its implications are still heavily present today. The current political climates of North America, Africa, and South Asia are all affected by this colonialism due to the political infrastructure and in some cases, the lack thereof that was put into place during the time of European rule. It is a monumental task to completely analyze the colonial experiences of European powers, particularly Britain in South Asia, but some conclusions can certainly be drawn. With the United States being a notable exception, it can be said that nations that were rather recently European colonies have not been set up to succeed due to both economic and social variables. In the case of the Indian subcontinent, Britain was forced out of power and out of the region in a time in which the future nations of India and Pakistan were not adequately prepared to be independent states. The British certainly were violating various human rights during their time in India, and were deservedly ousted from the subcontinent. However, the India and Pakistan that Britain left were not nations that were able to fend for themselves economically. This economic instability, particularly in India, and the violent separation into three nation states subject to nationalist movements that followed, indicate that colonialism in the case of the Indian subcontinent and many other regions, sets nations back decades in terms of the ability to…

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