Essay on European High Middle Ages : A Dynamic Period

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European High Middle Ages
The European High Middle Ages, lasted from about 1050 to 1300. This period evokes, for many individuals, sentimental, romantic images of knights in shining armor, elegant castles, and astonishing cathedrals. And to many people, the word medieval wrongly suggests, simply, an intermission between the classical period of the Greek and Roman civilizations and the Renaissance, something in which they do not find important to the evolution of history. On the contrary, the High Middle Ages was a dynamic period that shaped the entirety of European identity and development. Many of the basic socialization, political patterns, and institutions are associated with this period in European history. Between 1000 and 1300, there was a massive chain of reactions concerning the developments in the economy, society, and political life, all of which contributed to new trends that shaped European culture to what we see today in present time.
Territorial expansion, advancement in agriculture, and the development of cities and trade brought a rapid economic change to all of medieval Europe. Changes in the availability and consumption of material goods and in population distribution greatly altered European social relations and political organization. With the clearing of land and new techniques in agriculture, there was an in increase in food production, which led to a rise in population, and eventually led to greater economic freedom. Agricultural tools, such as the…

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