Essay on European Colonial Powers Of America

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Europe began the initial framing of society. In the early 1900’s, Europe (England&France) colonized and occupied all of the Caribbean islands. Europe looked at the islands as basically money for them; they yielded things that Europeans use in their daily lives and can also make profit of off. In addition to colonizing Caribbean islands, they occupied a few African countries and India. European colonial powers literally used these countries as factories for their own personal benefits. They came to these countries and basically took over, running every operation that happened on the island. They sold the milk islanders used for their cereal, the beds they slept on in their homes, and all of the places where anyone could apply for a job. In retrospect, Europe owned everything on the island and also required the native peoples on the island to work for them. Natives on the islands produced sugar, and different fruits that grow year round on the islands. The colonists did not treat black peoples with any respect, they thought of them as lower class people. This influence of Europe changed the lives of black peoples from then on. Much of the work that black people did cultivating the land, and working for the colonists had little to no benefit for the black people. European white men used people of color as their slaves, and to establish their power in the 1900’s. Each colony used…

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