Europe 's Colonization Of Africa Essay

1100 Words May 23rd, 2016 5 Pages
Throughout my time spent in this course, I have learned that Europe’s colonization of Africa in the 1900’s had a long lasting impact on the continent. As we have learned in class through lectures and primary sources, the Europeans had various reasons they utilized in order to justify their conquest for Africa. Some of these reasons include the introduction and spread of religion to various countries, bring their more advanced techniques in order to teach and help the African people, and also to protect the African people from the Arab slave trade and rulers they thought unjust like Shaka. Through the use of information learned in the online lectures, primary sources such as African Perspective on Colonialism by Albert Boahen and within Africa and the West by Professor Worger, we will take a look at the Europe’s incomplete attempts to justify their actions in Africa and discover their negative effects on Africa. According to Professor Worger’s lectures on Colonialism in the Congo, it was obvious that the only reason that King Leopold was interested in Africa was to steal some of its wealth. In order to do so he and Henry Stanley had to convince their people that what they were doing in Africa was in order to help them. There is one quote that Professor Worger recited that reflected how Europeans felt about conquering the Congo: "If there were no Whites, one would not know of a more prosperous Congo than previously. People now do not wage big battles anymore between…

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