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Case Analysis # 1
EuroDisney- Disney Land Paris

1. What factors lead to EuroDisney's poor performance during its first year of operation?

EuroDisney had a disastrous first year in Paris, France. There were many reasons that contributed to the horrible start. I am going to discuss six reasons why I think EuroDisney had such a hard time adjusting in Europe.

1. It was cheaper for European families to travel to Disney World in Orlando, FL. Not only was the trip to Orlando going to be cheaper, but it was almost guaranteed that the weather was going to be spectacular. People go on vacation to have a good time, but more importantly to enjoy the weather. People in Europe and around the world are not going to vacation at a spot where the
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I think this issue was controllable in this one particular way. Out of all the places that Disney had to choose from, they chose Paris, France; they did not even like the Disney characters. If the proper work was done, EuroDisney may have been in some other location that likes the Disney characters and appreciated this amazing park.

The biggest problem to arise was that the French people opposed the Disney idea from the beginning. This factor should have been foreseeable, but more importantly controllable. The reason as to why it should have been foreseeable was the fact market research was done on this particular area in Europe. When reviewing the information gathered from market research the executives should have noticed that the French opposed the Disney theme park. If the country in which Disney is planning to do business opposed them, then a new strategy should have been devised and a new country should have been selected. This factor was 100% controllable by both Disney and EuroDisney. When the people of France opposed the theme park, the executives of both companies should have immediately begun searching for a new EuroDisney home. Another sign should have been when Michael Eisner went to France he got eggs tossed at him. That is a sign that a company is unwelcome. They should have found a home that would appreciate the Disney Park and come out to see it.

The EuroDisney people

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