Eureka 2 Project

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The Eureka 2 Project, was a community and volunteer constructed playground supported by Denton Parks and Rec. Their goal was to build a new park on the original site in South Lake, it is to be approximately 2.500 square feet and all brand new to meet Consumer Product Safety Commission and the American Society for Testing and Materials. The population it will serve is the whole community, it will even be accessible to children with special needs. The construction will also be different than the last, this time they will be using recycled materials making it durable, earth friendly, long lasting and virtually maintenance free. In making it accessible for children with special needs, they are no longer discriminating against these certain populations. It goes in line with one of the Human Rights component: indivisibility, meaning they recognized that Human Rights should not excluded certain people or make others seem more important.
Because I worked more on the construction/ volunteer aspect of getting the park up and running I did not observe how it served the people. But I did witness forms of discriminations, when building you rarely ever saw a girl with a power tool
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The first step they took was visiting schools and having children draw their dream playground. Next, they had all reveal their ideas to the builder; once gathering everything they incorporated it all into one big project which they later reveled it. In opening it to the community as a whole I think it really helped in the process of exciting people and having they come in to help create something that would be utilized by them all. Something I thought needed improvement was in the handling of volunteer, it seemed like they either had too many of them or did not know how to equally spread them out. Leading to lots of people just standing around and doing nothing at

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