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When my Grandmother passed away, I thought about it long and hard. I thought about how I could somehow do something to make her life here on Earth a tribute from the ones whom loved her, and the ones that she had touched. This eulogy written for Corolie Feagin Davis, was not only written as a means to be closure of her life here on Earth, but to celebrate her crossing over into a much better place. That place, which she has spoken to me and others about on several occasions, is where she has

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And as for food…I think my cousin Brandi said it best, “we are all going to lose weight now.” And she’s right; Granny would cook for a family of ten, even though she lived on her own. I used to wonder why she would cook so much that would sometimes go to waste. But I think she did it just so she could sit down with us away from time to time. You see a good meal and a few minutes to talk with granny about our hectic lives were what she thrived to do. One thing is for sure she never had a stranger at her house for dinner. I can recall several times that I would have friends over to eat with her. If you were with me, or any of her family, then you were treated like family at her dinner table.

In closure I thank God that she prayed for me, and everyone she loved, as often as she did. Her knees were well worn, and God knows that she’s leaving behind some big shoes to fill. I’m going to miss her showing up at momma and daddy’s when I would drop in to visit them. I think that a lot of us can recall how she could slip her head in our doors when we would respond to a knock and yell, “Yeeoow, is anybody home?” in the middle of the day, or late at night. But that was Granny and that was who she was. Those good memories and the many others are the memories that she is leaving behind. One things for sure, if there’s a Heaven, my grandmother is there! Fact of the matter is
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