Eudora Welty 's A Worn Path Essay

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How Setting in “A Worn Path” Shows the Character of Phoenix Jackson The writer Eudora Welty wrote the narrative “A Worn Path” about great determination and strength that one woman has to achieve in the despite times of 1941. The author tells of a cold day in December, her main character Phoenix Jackson is traveling on a path that she has traveled many times. She is on a quest to get medicine for, to the best she can recall, her grandson. Because of her lack of memory about the reason for the long trip, the author lets the reader know that she is very forgetful in her old age. Her eyesight has failed. With aged eyes and a poor, feeble body, she struggles with many battles along the way wearing her tattered clothing and carrying her cane, made out of an umbrella, that she uses as a guide. Although the path has many hindrances, she continues on her journey with great imagination, determination, and commitment.
Details of her journey show that her imagination is overpowering. She says, “Keep out from under these feet, little bob-whites” (288) and she speaks of wild hogs. The author really leads the reader to understand that she is a poor black lady just trying to take care of the grandson in need of medicine. It is surprising that the story mentions the boy drinking lye. Is this part of her imagination? Did he die from this act and she is just in denial. There are many possibilities that could be. The story leads the reader to come up with many possibilities as to what the true…

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