Essay on Eudora Welty 's A Worn Path

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Symbolism is a key element in the story “A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty. By implementing certain things into the story that contributes to the journey of Old Phoenix, the reader is able to better comprehend and make sense of why Phoenix goes on her adventures. After reading, the reader will get to know the purpose of her trips, and the kind of character Old Phoenix is. There are many different obstacles Phoenix faces, and many objects within her trip that symbolize her journey of life.
One of the main symbols in this story is the worn path itself. The path represents the life of Old Phoenix. It consists of Old Phoenix’s everyday journey, and all that is in her path. The forest is full of danger, wonder, and curiosity. Old Phoenix is an old woman that has no one to care for her. She once had a grandson who died because he drank lye. This ends of being the purpose of her trip in this story. She is visually impaired, has dementia, and goes off wondering by herself. She is bound to face trouble within this adventure that she is on. And then she does when she comes face to face with a hunter. “He laughed, and lifted his gun and pointed it at Phoenix” (Wetly 53). Being the courageous and tough woman that she is, she didn’t budge one bit. The hunter then shouldered his gun and Old Phoenix continues on down her path. Life is not always easy, and one cannot simply give up after one little problem, and Phoenix does not. Mrs. Phoenix, being the brave and experienced woman that she is,…

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