Eucheuma Cottonii Case Study

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Hyperlipidemia is not new to Filipinos. Hyperlipidemia is the abnormal elevation of any lipids like cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood (Saunders, 2007). According to the 2008 National Nutrition Survey (NSS) conducted by Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (FNRI-DOST) the total cholesterol level among Filipino adults increases to 10.2 (mg/dL) from the 2003 survey result 8.5 (mg/dL). Hyperlipidemia is mostly caused by sedimentary lifestyle like smoking, obesity and not exercising. Treatable medical conditions caused hyperlipidemia includes kidney disease, an underactive thyroid gland, diabetes and even pregnancy. Hyperlipidemia can also
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Pharmacists.The result of the study will give pharmacist additional information regarding the possible benefits of using Eucheuma cottonii on patients with hyperlipidemias. Community.The study may help the community consider Eucheuma cottonii as part of their diet regimen. Liceo de Cagayan University.This study will contribute to the research program of the university. Students.The study will give the students new knowledge about the uses of Eucheuma cottonii. Researchers.The result of the study will provide information to be used by future researchers who are interested in furthering the studies regarding antihyperlipidemic effect of Eucheuma …show more content…
Limitations of the study include the limited expertise of the researchers, any unexpected death, escape, failure to environmental adaptation, and sudden illness of the rabbit. It is also limited to the materials and equipment available in Cagayan de Oro City

DEFINITION OF TERMS Eucheuma cottonii (Guso). This refers to the plant that is being studied. Hyperlipidemias. This refers to the rabbit used in the study that have high levels of cholesterol. Hypolipidemic. This term refers to the ability of the extract to lower the cholesterol levels of the test animals. Alternative medicine. This term refers to Eucheuma cottonii (Guso). Confirmatory Test. This refers to the methods used to test the presence of polyphenol in the Eucheuma cottonii extracts. Plant extract. This refers to the crude mixtures extracted from Eucheuma cottonii (Guso) . Polyphenol. This refers to the active constituent of Eucheuma cottonii that is being tested for its hypolipidemic

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