Etruscan Vs. Cloud Gate Essay

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Etruscan Mirrors Vs. Cloud Gate

Modern versus Ancient, 2006 versus 300 B.C. and in some regards a culture versus a culture. The two pieces of art at face value are inconceivable to compare and seem distinctively different. Though, many differences there are a few similarities between the two pieces of art; The Etruscan Mirrors and The Cloud Gate that stem beyond the looks and into the symbolism and meaning for creation and the attempted message that the artists were trying to convey.

Starting with the Etruscan Mirrors which were created by the Etruscans. A “civilization which flourished between c. 1000 and 100 B.C” (Adams 181) These mirrors were a specific combination of tin and copper together creating a cast bronze. These Mirrors were very telling of the connection between Etruscan Art and the Etruscan women. It was a very telling history indeed as Women in ancient times were predominantly shadowed by men, but the text from Art Across Time explains differently. “Judging from Etruscan art, Etruscan women participated more in public life with their husbands and help higher positions than in ancient Greece” (185)

These Mirrors were very telling with the backs of them being carved into intricate designs. “The image on the reverse of Etruscan mirrors generally showed pictures of Women, often in a mythological context” (Baccolini). To illustrate these images that were engraved, please see figure one at the end of the paper, the figure specifically shows the given detail…

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