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IB 2-4

Tasks 1-2

Week 1

Jones: Chapter 2 – Basic Challenges of Organizational Design

differentiation = process by which an organization allocates people and resources to organizational tasks and establishes the task and authority relationships that allow the organization to achieve its goals à process of establishing and controlling the division of labor/the degree of specialization o necessary because of increased complexity with growth

Organizational roles


organizational role = set of task-related behaviors required of a person by his or her position in an organization à identifiable tasks and responsibilities allow for accountability o organization structure is based on interlocking
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functions or departments that share responsibility for producing a particular good or service self-contained division = division that has its own set of necessary support functions number of different functions and divisions is a measure of complexity (or the degree of differentiation)

Vertical and Horizontal differentiation

organizational chart: shows end result of organizational differentiation – has a vertical and a horizontal dimension hierarchy = classification of people according to authority and rank vertical differentiation = way an organization designs its hierarchy of authority and creates reporting relationships to link organizational roles and subunits (distribution of authority between levels) horizontal differentiation = way an organization groups organizational tasks into roles and roles into subunits (functions and divisions) – establishes division of labor and allows for specialization

Balancing Differentiation and Integration

subunit orientation = tendency to view one’s role in the organization strictly form the perspective of the time frame, goals, and interpersonal orientations of one’s subunit à horizontal differentiation has worked, but hinders cross-functional/divisional learning and coordination – integration has to be promoted by promoting cooperation, coordination and communication (increasingly electronically)

Integration and Integrating mechanisms

integration = process of coordinating various tasks,

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