Etiquette And Business Protocol Case Study

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Activity: Etiquette and Business Protocol

1. What is the importance to practice Etiquette and Protocol into the business world?
Etiquette and Protocol are very important factors in determining the success or failure of a person or a business. Etiquette in general is a set of norms and conventions governing social behavior; also is the way a person presents himself to others. Protocol refers to the code of conduct or behavior prescribed for government and international officials. These codes and sets of conventions and manners are recognized as acceptable and required in societal and business relations.
2. What is the most important thing you should have in mind when you introduce someone?
The basic protocol of introductions calls for introducing
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It is a form of recognition for a positive fact. It is a way of recognizing that what has been done is something pleasant for others. It can be a simple gesture, a word or a way to give more acknowledgments to other people. But it should always be measured and not exaggerated so that it does not lose its purpose.

5. According to Cynthia, where should the beverages be placed?

The cups are placed in the upper right corner, arranged from the outside to the inside. First (to the far right) the glass of white wine, then the one of red wine and finally the one of water.
The ideal is to put the champagne glass up, in the middle of the glasses, forming a sort of triangle; In case you do not eat with champagne, you will approach the glass when serving.
Drinks: Bottles, jugs, ice buckets, bakeries, oilers or wine-makers should not be placed on the table under any circumstances. If service personnel are not available, these items may be placed on an auxiliary table available to the homeowner, or a gentleman in his place, who will be responsible for serving the drinks.

6. Should a glass of white wine be held by the stem?

According to Wikipedia: The young white wines dry, will be taken fresh, but not very cold, between 7 and 10 º C to enjoy its fruit
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Why are complaining and criticizing considered bad manners?

The cultural acceptance, using etiquette and well manners daily is essential to being seen as a polite, friendly person. Instead criticism is dangerous, because it wounds a person’s precious pride, hurts his sense of importance, and arouses resentment. Therefore it is considered impolite, and to have bad manners when to complain and criticize others.

8. Describe how to politely interrupt someone in a conversation

I have to excuse me before interrupt someone at his (her) conversation, one of the following phrases I could use:
I'm sorry to interrupt, but...
Before we move on to the next point, may I add...?
Sorry, I didn't catch that, is it possible to repeat the last point..
Excuse me (name), may I add to that...?
Do you mind if I jump in here?
Pardon me...
I don't mean to intrude..
While that is an important point, it's also important to add.

9. What is the right way to hand out your business card?

I politely accept the other person’s business card, without handing mine. While I listen the other person in what says, I break eye contact and look at the business card; interested in what the person says me, of course. As long as I make sure that person will value and will well receive my business card, then I give my card to him

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