Essay about Ethos of Self Care

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The aim of this assignment is to explore and show an understanding of the ethos of self care whilst highlighting the ways in which the current health service is being re-orientated to incorporate this concept within patient care practices. Definitions of self care will be reviewed and some of the similarities and differences between definitions considered. Current health and social care policies that influence self care will be discussed with a view to how these policies advocate change within the health care system. The implications that these policies impose upon the way which patients are cared for and managed within the health care system will also be discussed here.
When reviewing relevant literature and policy, it has become
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a common cold, the individual self manages the condition by not only taking remedies or steps to relieve symptoms but may also consult other organisations to seek advice on treatments or further steps which can be taken, thus managing the condition to minimise discomfort and further complications.
When focussing on self care and self management one has to question the reasoning behind this concept; questioning whether it is for the benefit of the health service, the individual or both. The Department of Health (2001) recognises that people are living for longer with many complex co-morbidities, emphasising that healthcare systems should therefore focus more on the management of long term diseases than that of acute illness or disease. Richard and Shea (2011) further acknowledge that emphasis is now placed on the benefit of self care practices resulting from the prevalence of long term conditions, highlighting that this is primarily driven due to economics within the health care system, recognising that patients need to be encouraged and empowered to being more active participants and take more control of their care. Benefits to the National Health Service in Scotland are proposed as being widespread, resulting in reduced expenditure as a result of patients managing their own care, furthermore requiring less acute hospital care due to complications. Despite this, there is as yet no specific guidance or information available which shows the true

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