Ethos And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Throughout our lifetime, many people strive to be respected and honored in their own rights within their social class and their society. Therefore, in order to be respected one must be respectful, credible, trustworthy as well as honest. Hence, these traits form the core principal of what is known as good ethos. Ethos, clarified and explained by a famous Greek philosopher, Aristotle; is one of the vital elements of communication and speaking. Thus, one of the essential purposes of ethos is to persuade an individual or a group into agreeing, believing or setting a certain objective to be fulfilled using persuasion as the main component. Thus, ethos can be used both for acceptable or destructive purposes depending on the speaker and the speaker 's objective. Furthermore, ethos not only presents credibility for the speaker, but also the objective, he or she tries to make the audience believe as well as showing what kind of character the speaker possesses. With persuasion being a vast element of our lives in the United States. Hence, it is common to notice the majority of persuasion is on television as well as the social media; moreover, with the support of :"The O 'Reilly Factor vs. Jeremy Glick", "The Arete Of Amusement...", Aristotle 's definition of Ethos, the main concept of ethos will be interpreted. Beginning with "The O 'Reilly Factor" presented by Fox News, there are various reasons why the show as well as the newscast as a whole does not present satisfactory ethos.…

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