Ethnographic Interview : A Interview Project Essay examples

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Ethnographic Interview Project I decided to interview my grandma, Doris Boggs, for my interview project. She lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana and because of the five hour distance I rarely get to spend time with her. When my grandfather, her husband, passed away last spring I realized how little I knew about them and when we received this project I thought it would be the perfect way to preserve some of the important things from her life. She was born Dorris Mae Deiter on November 26, 1927. So, she had just turned 88 the day before our interview. She wore a white turtleneck under a black fleece jacket that had fall leaves sewn on it paired with black slacks. Her hair was snow white and cups just under her ears. She is a tall caucasian (German and Dutch) woman with with a large frame. More hunched over now from age makes her look shorter and she now has a limp when she walks from bad knees. Before our other guest arrived for Thanksgiving dinner at my house we sat down at the kitchen island for the interview and I gave her a christmas mug of hot water which is what she usually orders at restaurants. Not tea, just hot water. She knew I was going to interview her, but I explained the project a little more and asked if it was okay if I took some notes. I also told her that while I was questioning her she could talk about whatever she thought was important. Focusing mainly on her childhood and young adult years I was able to learn many interesting things about her. We laughed and…

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