Ethnographic Analysis Of ' The Workplace ' Essay

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After I was done I had to educate the teens who wanted to work here, when they grow up.The kids from the present are so supercilious.They didn’t want to pay attention to me because they felt they knew everything.One of the members from my team called in late, so I had to do his work now because it had to be done regardless.Work over here isn 't really fun but at least you feel like your making a difference in other people 's lives. Ethnographic Analysis of the workplace My first theme speaks about how culturally, age, and gender diverse New York Presbyterian is.I asked first about how culturally diverse NYP is.Joseph Vasquez talked about how they 're all kinds of people in NYP.For proof he talked about how their IPad 's contained 16 different languages.He stated it was very diverse as far as culture goes.My second question asked, "Well what about age?". He told me about how NYP is family orientated.So if any of his family members want a job and their over 18 they can work there.There are many students working there part time or over the summer.He then gave me an example illustrating that even if you start off young in the hospital you can make it far.He told me 10 years ago one of his students came in at age 22 and now he is Vice president of NYP.Meaning that now he is his boss.To follow up I asked, would you rather work with younger or older students? He answered, "Younger, are more trainable, adapt easier and are more eager.Everyone here in my team came…

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