Cultural Relativism In Anthropology

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Final Exam

How does the concept of ethnocentrism interfere with cultural pluralism? How do these concepts help or hinder the issues globally.

Ethnocentrism is one of the main causes of division in race, creed and religion. These are learned behaviors because when we are children we may notice differences in color, race or language, but we are not born bias either way. Stereotyping, categorizing, generalizations and accusations affect us worldwide even within our own races.

Cultural pluralism occurs when smaller groups of people within society keep their own identities, values and practices. More often this is accepted by the larger part of society as long as it doesn’t interfere or doesn’t go against the laws and values by the larger
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Compare the concepts of cultural relativism and ethical relativism. Is it possible to understand the values and worldview of another culture(s) and not accept all of their practices and standards? Does adopting an ethical relativist viewpoint present a problem such as ethnocentrism?

Cultural Relativism in Anthropology theorizes the way people act, behave and perceive things relative to their cultures. One must understand the culture in order to understand certain actions or customs (Debra Kraft). Anthropologist use this concept when studying groups of people to interpret their observations.

Ethical Relativism focuses on what a particular culture judges to be right or wrong. What could be judged by one culture as wrong may be right or neutral in another culture. For instance, if someone holds different standards from prevailing standards of a culture they must adapt to the prevailing standards to avoid acting unethical.
While anthropologists gain insights into different cultures critics say that those who adopt this position cannot or will not make value judgements concerning the values, norms, and practices of any society
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With the use of Anthropological research, assessments can be made as far as analytics, data and human interaction with the environment. While it’s great to be prepared, the pessimists seem to be more elitists because they have the means to support their advance preparation. This affects us globally because we all don’t have the same means if things were to happen through catastrophic events. Long term the optimists may be okay because of their beliefs in renewal technologies to

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