Ethnicity: Bullying In Today's Society

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Ethnicity: Bullying
Bullying in today’s society is a huge problem that is widespread. Bullying can range from children to adults and from race, religion, culture, origin, looks, and sexual orientation. Bullying is portrayed on television, radio and even through music. Typically in today’s world one race or ethnic group will target another race or ethnic group causing the bullying to spread through the genes because it is something that had been taught. This widespread problem can be solved with the correct classes and training. In today’s world a bully targets someone for their race, culture, and beliefs because one person looks, act’s and speaks differently. Diversity is what makes the world the place it is today. Everyone is different no two people are the same. Eye color, hair, skin tones all make us who we are. Bullying can start as early as preschool because we are all different. From
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Bullying can take a huge toll on someone who has been bullied in any way shape or form. This can send someone into a depression or even suicidal thoughts, because I have been there. Ethnic bullying can be prevented. Classes, and ethnic trainings an prevent bullying in the workplace and intervening when it comes to a child bullying another can help put an end to bullying. I highly encourage a parent to talk to their children about different races, religion, looks, and the way someone talks. Informing people is the largest way that we can help prevent and put a stop to bullying. Just think would you want your child to come home crying because they are being bullied? No that probably would not make you feel good as a parent. People to need to remember that before you post anything on a social media, send a text, or email or before you saying something can hurt feelings in public remember you are feeding into a bullying type situation. I encourage everyone and challenge any person to think before you act or say

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