Ethnic Theory Blamed Violent Displacement From The Apache And Navajo For Their Disappearance

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In the Mesa Verde region in the South Western corner of Colorado, existed a group of people known as the Anasazi, or Puebloans. Mesa Verde was occupied by farmers who lived in cliff dwellings. Due to its high elevation, it was believed that when the surrounding areas were experiencing bad conditions, people would move to Mesa Verde. The Anasazi existed in this region from about 600 AD to 1300 A.D. Between 700 and 850 AD, the population in this region doubled in size. However, just a few hundred years later, between the mid-1200s and 1285 A.D, nearly 30,000 people disappeared from the area. There are multiple theories to explain why they disappeared from this region. The first early theory blamed violent displacement from the Apache and Navajo for their disappearance. Other theories blame climate, overpopulation, political instability, and cultural conflict. Chaco Canyon, located in the North Western corner of New Mexico, was occupied by the same people that occupied Mesa Verde, the Anasazi. They first settled here around 200 A.D and were first seen to have abandoned the area in 1100 A.D; they had completely disappeared just 200 years later. Like Mesa Verde, there are many theories to explain what drove the Anasazi out. It is hypothesized that climate change, cannibalism, overpopulation, and warfare cause the Anasazi to disappear out of Chaco Canyon. Additionally, one hypothesis states that demographic trends indicate sustained population growth coinciding with changes in…

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