Ethnic Stereotyping Of The Mexican Americans Essay

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In this paper I will give an example of ethnic stereotyping that I see in everyday life, focusing on issues that are widely present in the U.S. for Mexican Americans. Little et al. (2014) described stereotyping as grouping people with oversimplified ideas; I will explain how such stereotyping can contribute to institutionalized discrimination, thereby hindering Mexican Americans regarding work, education and opportunities in general. I will also discuss what I believe would need to happen for this discrimination to be eliminated. In parts of the U.S., there are large communities of Mexican Americans (MAs). Some were born in México and moved to the U.S. for work opportunities, to be with family members, and have a better quality of life, while others were born in the U.S. to parents originally from México.
México has a masculinity rating of 69 on Hofstede’s culture index (The Hofstede Centre,
n.d.), meaning typical characteristics can be such traits as: few female politicians, a live to work attitude, meaning long work hours, and wealth and achievement are priorities.
The power distance rating is a high 81 (The Hofstede Centre, n.d.), which means
Mexicans accept their boss’ authority, there is an emphasis on class distinctions, and they give a high respect to parents.
The ethnic stereotyping I have seen towards MAs in the U.S., particularly in parts of
California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, involves Americans believing MAs are a social problem, either for…

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