Ethnic Profiling By Law Enforcement Essay

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Ethnic profiling by law enforcement is never constitutionally justifiable and has no place in American society
“Profiling” according to Jandt, F. E., Refers to a law enforcement practice scrutinizing certain individuals based on characteristics thought to indicate a likelihood of criminal behavior (2103. p 87). This practice may work to facilitate law enforcement, however, law enforcement officer(s) must be well trained on what are “characteristics of criminal behavior” and must not be biased by stereotypes, prejudice, ethnocentrism etc., (not have any rooted prejudices against a particular ethnicity, subculture or group of people) because these pernicious stumbling blocks will blind their decision making process and interfere with cultural self-enrichment.
The Supreme Court rulings such as the 4th Amendment gives the right to officers to temporarily detain a person(s) based on reasonable suspicion. This leaves the judgement of “reasonable” suspicion up to the detaining officer. This means that if an officer states that an individual or individuals do not look right to him/her the officer may have reasonable suspicion to detain. However, many states recognize the need to be more specific when it comes to racial profiling. According to Cobble (2015)
16 states here in the US criminalize violations of their anti-profiling laws…Georgia, Mississippi, and South Carolina are the only states south of the Mason-Dixon line that don 't have laws against racial profiling. Generally, it…

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