Ethnic Identity Of The United States Essay

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Ethnic Identity should not be used to determine who is an American claims Vicky T, in the article, "Ethnic Identity in the United States?" She says that even if someone maintains cultural practices with another country that should not define someone 's ethnic identification. However, someone who comes from Germany or Russia will not be identified as European American. In fact, they will just be considered as white or Caucasian, even if they do retain practice elements from other cultures, stresses T. The author also emphasizes the feeling of de-legitimization when claiming the American title, since many are too hasty when considering others as being just American. I agree that we should not use individual’s ethnic identity to determine who is really American because of multicultural diversity and tighter family bonds. Ethnic identity does not be used to determine who is American because of multicultural diversity. The United States is known for its melting pot, where all races, and ethnicities, come together to live in one place. With so much diversity, one is able to see people with more than one ethnicity. Although, many multicultural background people are forced to choose one racial group, when these individuals are able to settle between two or more different cultures, these individuals will be better equipped. This means that they will be able to understand other ethnicities, and have an open mind about mixed diverse environments. Also, when these individuals are…

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