Ethnic Diversity Of A Multicultural State, Using Rwanda And Singapore As Case Studies

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In our increasingly globalised society, the world seems to have become a lot smaller. Mankind, as a species has become interconnected. This has brought about the ability travel and migrate more freely, with this we find ourselves in an increasingly multicultural world. However this multiculturalism raises some interesting questions about how Ethnic Diversity effects Democracy. This essay will address these questions as well as the benefits and dangers of a Multicultural state, using Rwanda and Singapore as case studies. Rwanda will highlight the Dangers of a Bi polar ethnic grouping within a country and how ethnic tensions can severely hinder Democracy and the countries unity. Singapore will highlight the success that can be achieved even within an ethnically diverse society through the rise of Nationalism and Pluralism. This essay aims to critically evaluate and discuss how Ethnic Diversity undermines democracy but also how it can work to strengthen democracy.

An ethnic group is a group of people who identify with each other, they are a socially constructed grouping prevalent throughout the world across national, gender, religious lines. Ethnic groups aren’t dangerous in themselves, however the interactions between different ethnic groups can undermine Democracy. In general, “As a rule, in societies where there is a single dominant ethnic group, political mobilization along primarily ethnic lines is less likely and politics tend to divide along the lines of economic and…

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