Essay on Ethnic Differences Between Black Colleges And Universities

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"Diversity in the world is a basic characteristic of human society and also the key condition for a lively and dynamic world as we see today" -Jintao Hu
It is undisputable that as a Hu says in this encapsulating quote, that what makes our world dynamic and three dimensional are the starkly different cultures that prosper in it. Cross-cultural interaction is inevitable due to rapid advances in technology, making it easier for people to connect and travel. However, Jintao Hu failed to add that when people cannot co-exist peacefully despite the ethnic differences then as a society we fail. Cultural understanding is the other key condition for a "lively and dynamic world", especially in American society. Thus, given the surging changes in US demographics, in which minority groups could become the majority of the population, white students interested in eradicating the antiquated ways of American culture should attend historically black colleges and universities to best prepare them for life in a diverse society, in which cultural literacy and cultural sensitivity is important.
The current debate concerning black students attending historically black colleges and universities versus attending predominantly white institutions gained popularity as a result of numerous cases of racial insensitivity on college campuses. After intensified racial tensions at the University of Missouri were publicized nationwide the HBCU versus PWI debate resurfaced full force on social media. The…

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