Essay on Ethnic Differences And Cultural Diversity

1927 Words Dec 12th, 2016 8 Pages
How ethnic differences such as race and culture lead to discrimination towards Gypsies in Bulgaria The conflicts between groups are everyday experience for all of us. The origin of a conflict could have a very broad range – from basic differences like race and cultural diversity, gender, age, personal beliefs and sexual orientation to more narrow features of the personality like music or literature preferences, political views, involvement in sports and clothing style. Those are just a small part of the things people could find different between themselves, and each of them puts us in multiple separate social groups with others sharing the same inclinations. Being part of this natural process automatically means that there are groups with the exact opposite characteristics. My essay will look over two groups that show difference in couple of dominant categories responsible for the arising of conflicts – race self-determination, cultural and personal values. The first social group represents the Gypsy (Romani / Roma) minority living in Bulgaria, and the other group, which I am a part of, is the national majority population of the country. The long lasting problems between these groups resulted in the state of racial prejudice and discrimination conflict.
This essay aims to explain why that particular conflict occur using the ideas of social identity theory and later on to suggest ways for decreasing the state of conflict based on intergroup contact hypothesis.…

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