Essay on Ethnic And Cultural Relations Of New Immigrants

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Immigrants are faced with the difficult task of balancing their new culture with the one they left behind. There have been numerous studies to explore the ethnic and cultural relations of new immigrants and their following generations in terms of identity and assimilation. However, there is a largely unexplored and increasing populace of multicultural, multiethnic, and multiracial individuals. “The US Census Bureau predicts that by the year 2050, the representative face of America will no longer be White, due to an increase in a self-identified multi-racial population” (Basu 2006: 4). It is more difficult to generalize findings about such subjects, as there are infinite combinations of multiculturalism, and the effects of the myriad of cultures can be largely varied in strength. How one defines a multiracial or multiethnic individual is not a cut and dry subject in itself, between self-identification, bloodlines, cultural ties, etc. It is clear, however, that mixed race or ethnicity individuals experience a slightly different multicultural influence that those of immigrant parents, or those of native parentage. There are unique effects of stemming from a family with one immigrant parent, and one who is entirely culturally assimilated; that is to say, one whose family has been in the country in question for a few generations, and who now consider themselves fully integrated; In this case, one who identifies as American. Generally, a child will naturally identify in certain…

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