Ethis in Business Essay

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Ethics, Social Responsibility and the bottom line.

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Student Name: Michael Daley

Table of Contents
Executive Summary 3
Introduction 4
Research findings: 5
Business Relationships can be improved through being Ethical and Socially Responsible 5
Strong Business Ethics will increase Efficiency 6
Social Responsibility will greatly increase our company’s Reputation 7
Recommendations 8
Conclusion 9
References 11

Executive Summary

Ethics and social responsibility is on the mind of everyone in the world these days. We have all seen the effects of what happens when a company does not follow an ethical standard; it can lead very quickly to its demise. A strong ethical standard and being socially
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When you have a strong ethical code within the company, it leads to an environment of trust in the organization. When you are able to create such an environment, it leads to a staff that are more effective in what they do having been given the direction needed on how to conduct their work. With the development of a code of ethics and a strong human resources team, we will be able to develop this culture of trust leading to an increase in the efficiency of our staff members. An investment in the environment and being socially responsible takes a serious commitment of time and resources. The research and evidence shows that this investment is one that we cannot afford not to make. A company that is socially responsible adds to its reputation in the community and among its employees. This new reputation leads to a more loyal consumer base that is willing to stick with a company even in tough economical times. An investment that creates a more socially responsible company will be one that will pay off in the long run and lead to additional profits and long term profitability. The creation of a sustainability committee to oversee these functions for our company will be one of the biggest and best investments that can be made for us at this time. It will be the one thing that will help to sustain us overtime and lead to a better bottom line as we build our reputation with both investors and consumers.

Introduction The purpose of this

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