Ethiopi Developing Countries With Education Essay

1322 Words Dec 7th, 2016 6 Pages
I was born and raised in Axum, Ethiopia which is one of the most historical place in Ethiopia, but also it is developing city. I grew up going to school in Ethiopia until several years ago and now that I am in another country that is developed, I now see that I didn’t have enough opportunity’s, simply as not having items that I needed in order to learn: such as chairs to sit on, a pencil, notebook another items that were not offered by the school but also it was expensive to get this items in store if they have them. Untied State should step in to help developing countries with education. Most of the us foreign aid assistance that is given to Ethiopia or Kenya should be supplementary on education. The foreign aid has helped to improve with economic development to 52% education and social services to 8% environment to 13.6% health to 80% humanitarian assistance to 43.3% peace and security to 1.6% program management to11% of US foreign aid assistants. Very Small portion goes to education and social service. The peace and democracy is important but I believe that there should be more education that way people are more educated on how to take care of them self. If there was a strike rule to have educate to a limit time there could be an increase in health, it would have improvement of peace, security and economically. Everything will increase gradably in positive ways if US AID focus more in education then it could lower down the poverty and increase the healthcare, democracy,…

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