Ethiopi A Diverse Culture Essay

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Ethiopian Culture Ethiopia has one the most diverse culture in the world. Their culture is known for many different cultures that can be found within the country of Africa. There is so many interesting aspects in their culture, some of their culture represent who they are. There some impressive history about Ethiopia. There is about 84 languages spoken in Ethiopia! But the official language spoken is Amharic, still there is many Ethiopian have not given up their distinctive language, many of them speak a local language. Moreover, Ethiopia has a beautiful culture that can be defined by their richness in religion, food, education, gender, etiquette, and music.
In Ethiopian religions is very complicated in the country. To begin with, the religions is predominantly Christian. Their religious are divided into Christianity, Islamic (Muslim), Judaism, and Paganism. According to the 2007 religious breakdown of Ethiopia, about 62.8% is Christian (43.5% Ethiopia Orthodox, 19.3% other), 33.9% Islam(Muslim), 2.6 is Traditional, and 0.6% is the small percent of other. The vast majority of the Christians are Orthodox Tewahedo Christians. There is distinct history how Christianity population became the highest percentage out of all. In the early history of Ethiopia there was two Syrian Christians went to the empire of Aksum to teach them about Jesus Christ and Christian faith. Therefore, the religion might have started in Aksum. In the early part of the 4th century, King Ezanas was…

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