Ethics Essay

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Assignment #3 – Ethics Ethics is the study of the general nature of morals and of the specific moral choices made by individuals. Ethnics govern our behavior everyday of our lives. There are many different factors that shape our ethical world view such as family, religion, experience, and authority. Everyone does not have the same concept of ethics, everyone have his or her own ideas of right and wrong. Since ethics are different for each person, there would be different paths on the process of making a ethical decision.
Beyond personal ethics, there are ethical systems are defined by religious systems and by our governing system. In our country we follow a “Judeo-Christian ethnics” system. That type of system lays out such
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Some of the unethical practices of De Beers include price fixing, use of child labor, horrible working conditions for their workers, and inadequate pay for workers. De Beers had used the unethical Apartheid system in South to their advantage by influence governing official with wealth to increase taxes to force the larger poor black population to work in their mines. In order to pay the higher taxes thousands of the black population had no choice but to find work in the mines of De Beers. Aside from forcing people into labor, the working conditions were horrible at De Beers. They force workers to work insane hours for horrible pay. Even the fall of Apartheid benefited De Beers. When many smaller companies went bankrupt from the social unrest of Apartheid, De Beers used that opportunity to buyout all the businesses in trouble. By acquiring all the smaller companies, they were able to have almost no competition. With little competition and no pressure from the government, De Beers were able to set the prices of diamonds to whatever they want. Being the largest traders of diamonds they are still able to set the prices of diamonds around the world. And because most diamonds are acquired from them, they have been accused of forcing buyers to basically “take what De Beers give them”, even though the diamonds maybe a lesser quality for the price. In 2004

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