Essay about Ethics

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The original meaning of economy originated as a combination of Greek words "oikos" which means house and "nemos" meaning "to manage." The meaning would translate to manage your house or to manage your affairs. Today we have strayed far from its original meaning and seem to be more concerned with our selves and have an economy of exclusion and inequality. We are more concerned with having more consumer goods than running a self sufficient household and helping others in need. Marketist Economic Priorities consist now with an abstract, atomized focus. There is competition for individual gain by desires for "more, better, newer". Marketists' want efficiency, profit, and growth. They are looking out for the markets' wellbeing and individual …show more content…
They collaborate for inclusive provision and try to strive for sufficiency and sustainability. The Catholic social thought that desire for "enough" is "satisficing." The Households' wellbeing is the main goal. Francis wants economics to be relational to encompass the household, and the common health and wellbeing of the community. The person is not only sacred but social. How we organize our society in economics and politics directly affects human dignity and the capacity of individuals to grow in community. The catholic social thought believes people have a right and duty to participate in society, seeking together the common good and well being of everyone. These elements will influence my life to become a better person who will try to put others needs before my own. I already feel I am following in God's way by eating locally grown vegetables and fruits and do not waste food. I don't feel I have to keep getting the newest technology when what I have works fine. I respect my fellow classmates and everyone I meet and do what I can to promote the dignity of the individual. I live my life being sensitive to the needs of others and hope we can all live together in a peaceful and inclusive society. I help with the food bank and see what good this is for our poor. I feel that we must learn to live with what we need not what we want. When I don't need something I always donate it to the mission to go to someone who will need it. We

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