Ethics Essay

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Ethics Today
Rachel Schweiger
Rasmussen College

Author’s Note This research is being submitted on January 7th, 211 for Professor Laura De La Cruz, MBA, MPA, PhD(ABD); B293/MAN2062 Section 07 Business Ethics course.

Ethics Today I have realized more over the years of my professional career how much ethics plays a role in daily activities and practices of a business. In my eyes, businesses can still maintain competitive in their industry while preserving high ethical values. Unfortunately, to get to the point where ethical standards are today we had to go through many growing pains of greed, sly executives, and false accounting practices to get here. History mixed with present situations has allowed international expectations
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Things such as, conflicts of interest when the employees involved weren’t correctly aware [if any] ethical dilemmas existed. Another observation was that conflicts were triggered in a larger corporate and “smoothed over” more quickly than in a small company where ethical problems were addressed and represented as drama in the workplace. There is a fine line in which all executives and managers should keep a close watch to avoid ethical disasters. Enron is a famous unethical story. I believe the 1990’s sparked and initiated new financial schemes and fraudulent accounting tools and companies placed inadequate ethical procedures. I think a lot of companies have taken these [public] mistakes and made them usable and there is an obvious signs of ethic snags. I have found the media glorify the arrogance and feelings of entitlement, helping to give details of corporate scandals in this era.
I personally think I see a majority of well=known brands and corporations to emphasize ethics and values to a higher point; obviously, this will take more than the twenty one day habit creator to obtain long-term ethical consistency.

I observed corporations who are making a strong effort to relate and recognize different cultures, (i.e. multinational companies outsourcing bring oversea employees in to stateside offices and hold meetings about their cultures so all employees can work better by getting to know

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