Ethics Essay

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Since September 11th, law enforcement has changed the way we train and the way we communicate with each other. Even though terrorist attacks had occurred many times prior to September 11th, it took something that overwhelming for us to realize that we were not prepared. As I think of the main police mission to serve and protect, terrorism has caused us not only to think of those two fundamental ideas, but to expand into training, knowledge and partnership. Terrorism has caused police departments to create specialized units in handling terrorism. The Patriot Act opened the door for the line of communication between local and federal governments. Before the Patriot Act, it was not as easy to gain information regarding possible attacks or …show more content…
They also said “that to make the best use of their manpower and local knowledge in safeguarding the public, police need much more information from the FBI about terrorist suspects and networks, potential local targets, and likely forms of attack” (Delattre). It better prepares the first responded to a terrorist attacks. Another disagreement is the new laws that have taken affect the past few years regarding searching and obtaining information about people. For example, some feel that the new search methods in airports violate civil liberties and privacy. Even though the government is trying to deter terrorism and find contraband, citizens feel that they have gone overboard with things such as the x-ray machine.
Social stigma is the dislike or disapproval of a person based on what society thinks it the norm. A social stigma can be created based on almost anything, such as race, religion, sexual orientation wealth. Social stigma plays a very big part in police ethics. Because police officers are individuals who can think on their own, the social stigma related to something can have an effect on them. The first example that comes to mind was in an earlier chapter regarding briberies. Chicago police officers began to accept briberies so individuals would not get tickets or go to jail. It grew so out of proportion that citizens themselves began to think that it was okay to pay off the police. The social stigma that all police officers could be bought off was created, I

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