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Ethics in Cyberspace: Have We Seen This Movie
Monday, February 5, 2001 Wilder Pavilion, Adamian Academic
Center Bentley College Waltham, Massachusetts
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Dr. Donaldson begins by stating that his topic, ethics in cyberspace, should be approached with considerable humility.
Internet has dramatically affected our lives while frustrating our attempts to understand it and therefore we should be mindful that in the past, great intellects have been undone by the appearance of new phenomena.
He gives an example of
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Would that be fundamentally different from the cookie tracking practiced today by cyberspace marketers?
You can get anybody's bank or credit card statements for $95 or a list of someone's stocks or bonds, including their account numbers, for $309.
You can get someone's social security number, the physical description of their spouse, details about their car, and information about their former addresses and employers - all for small amounts of money.
The most outstanding challenge arising from internet use is privacy.
Misuse of private information is an old ethical issue to which the internet has lent a different twist.
Information that was available before is now universally accessible and package in a manner that opens it to misuse.

Does obtaining this information constitute a violation of privacy? 

While such information was available before, the fact that it is now readily packaged and universally accessible means that we must confront issues of misuse as never before.

On occasion, it has turned extremely ominous, as when a stalker gathered information from the internet and used it to murder his victim.

Can technology by itself launch fundamentally new ethical issues?

Think of the printing press and how it undermined the authority of the
Catholic Church in the Renaissance. (15TH CENTURY)
Many scholars

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