Ethics Essay

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Chalace Lowry is a 50 year mother recent employee of Wal-Mart. She began working as an administrative assistant in the Human Resources Department. One day she was making copies for her boss Mona Williams which looked related to stock information. Later she learned that Wal-Mart was planning a $15 Billion stock buyback and it made her wonder if some insider trading was going on. Remembering the importance of ethics in her orientation, she felt that she had to let proper authorities know about what she had seen. She used the open door policy that Wal-Mart has to report the wrongdoings. Ms. Lowry ended up filing a complaint against Williams with The Ethics Office. The office investigated the issue and concluded that it was all a …show more content…
At the same time, it is frequently the target of criticism for its employment practices and its effect on the larger economy and community says the Markkula Center for applied ethics at Santa Carla University. Ethics are of specific importance especially to major retail corporations. The actions that society finds acceptable versus the actions which society does not accept create the ethics by which a member of society must abide. According to, the definition of code of ethics is: A written set of guidelines issued by an organization to its workers and management to help them conduct their actions in accordance with its primary values and ethical standards. “Codes typically divide into three distinct elements: 1) an introduction or preamble, 2) a statement of purposes and values, 3) specific rules of conduct which may be subdivided in various ways, and 4) implementation of the code, which will define administrative processes, reporting, and sanctions.”(Spiro 2010)
From the ethical standpoint of Lowry, she technically did not do anything wrong. She felt obligated to report unethical wrongdoings when she sees them. Being a former employee of Wal-Mart, I can say that they do encourage reporting suspicious activities. If you see something that you believe is wrong or can create harm to others, Wal-Mart has an Open Door Policy that will keep you identity safe so you would not be

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