Essay on Ethics in the Workplace

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Ethics in the Workplace

Results of a recent national study provide solid data that leaders who want to establish a practice of positive workplace ethics within their organizations should develop written ethics standards, provide ethics training, and ensure resources are available for employees in need of ethics advice.

By Joshua Joseph, Lee Wan Veer, and Ann McFadden

Ethics Association executives typically want the answers to two key questions about ethics in their association offices: “How do workplace ethics apply to the practical goals of my organization and the work of my employees?” and “Can you show me reliable data that support your assertions?” In this article, we address those questions as we present findings from the
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Not surprisingly, the percentages are consistently higher among larger nonprofits - those with more than 500 employees - as compared to smaller ones.

These percentages suggest that many nonprofit executives are seeing value in actively promoting ethics within their organizations. The list of potential benefits linked to an effective ethics program includes the following:

• Recruiting and retaining top-quality people; • Fostering a more satisfying and productive working environment; • Building and sustaining your association’s reputation within the communities in which you operate; • Maintaining the trust of members to ensure continued self-regulation; • Legitimizing open discussion of ethical issues; • Providing ethical guidance and resources for employees prior to making difficult decisions; and • Aligning the work efforts of staff with the association’s broader mission and vision.

Like most leaders, association executives would likely agree that high ethical standards are important in their organizations. But what does this mean in practice? What are the basic functions of an ethics program, and how can these programs lead to the kinds of benefits described above?

The Function of an Ethics Program
Essentially, ethics programs are meant to affect how people think about and address ethical issues that arise on the job. Gretchen

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