Ethics, Values, And Morality Of Course Essay

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I am firm in the belief that I have no set ethical approach piloting my life. I do have ethics,values, and morality of course, however there is no one set rule in my mind that I follow on a constant basis. I would be willing to wager that nobody truly has one ethical belief that governs all of their life, regardless of what they might profess. There are many things I value, and those things definitely lead me to making my ultimate decision, but none of them is really more pivotal in that decision than another, and all of them change with circumstance. And many of them differ because of how or where we were raised. That said, there are some values that are always in the forefront of my mind when I’m making decisions. Those are kindness, honesty, and my own self interest.
As children, we are told to make the right decision. What decision the right one is, was never totally clarified. We were told not to lie, but our parents lied to us about a plethora of things. We were told that Santa Claus was in fact real, and that “of course that is the same goldfish in the tank” when in truth, the old goldfish had gone belly up, and had been cleverly replaced by a new fish while we were at school. We were told to always be honest, and yet when a family member gave you a truly horrendous birthday present you were supposed to thank them, and tell them how much you loved it. In fact, we would have been scolded, had we said how terrible it really was. So, if the values we are raised…

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