Ethics Should Not Be Taught Essay

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Project manager is always facing with issues that are not easily resolved by theory or the knowledge acquired from formal training especially in construction industry. Ethical issues are usually not of a technical nature and more often tend to be human resource issues. The satisfactory answer is often debatable and may suit one set of circumstances and yet not another. It is these difficult issues where the Project Management must draw from their practical experiences, moral and ethical obligations, and sometimes the rule of law. According to Ehsan, Anwar & Talha (2009), ethics is a subject that is not taught in schools, colleges, universities in spite of the importance of this subject for the profession. Therefore that, ethics cannot be learned formally in those institutions but ethics should be taught since children by which applying moral values to children. In this case, parents are responsible to teach their children good behaviours on how to live their good life in future. Nevertheless, parents are not only required to teach their children but they should play a good role in front of their children as children will follow what their parents are doing. Thus, parents should apply good ethics in their professions as well as showing good behaviours. Under Anti-Corruption Code for Individuals in the Construction and Engineering Industry has stated that, bribery, deception and fraud may occur in relation to construction projects and the disputes arising from them. It…

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