Ethics Reflection Essay

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Ethics Reflection Unethical business practices around the world has caused many people to lose faith in how businesses run. This paper will discuss how ethics and social responsibility is important in strategic planning and how it affects stakeholders.
Ethics and Social Responsibility Ethics is knowing the difference between right and wrong, making the right choices and practicing good moral behavior (Ethics, 2014). People deal with ethics on a personal and professional level every day. Ethical decisions affect people’s lives and future, and in the business world can mean the difference between a successful business and a failed businesses. Social responsibility determines how an organization plans to contribute to society around it
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Ethical Perspective Ethics and morals were instilled in me as a young child growing up into adulthood. My father owned a small business in a small town and believed that being honest, never lying or cheating, and helping people in need would keep the business growing, and customer’s returning for years to come. He is a very smart man and ran a successful business for over 40 years. The University of Phoenix helped me with a greater depth of understanding when it came to business ethics. I learned how conflict of interests in companies such as Enron caused a lot of people to distrust companies. Some companies are run with greed and money signs that they will conduct illegal activity to put money in their bank accounts. I also learned that ethics is something a person can learn and needs to realize that decisions made affect more than one person. Decisions can have a ripple down effect, not always positive. Overall, I think that I have learned that good business ethics is something that a person has to be conscious about every day of their life, and sometimes it can be a hard decision to make. Being a good moral person is not easy all the time, unfortunately, life is not always about making the easy choices it is about making the right choices. Conclusion Ethics and social responsibility are important and businesses that make the right choices strive and stay in business longer. People tend to give business to

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