Ethics Reflection Paper Str 581 Week 1

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Assignment: Week 1; Ethics Reflections Paper

By Judith Judson

STR 591 – Phoenix Campus
University of Phoenix

Facilitator: Dr. Mark Kolesinsky

Week 1, July 18, 2012

Ethics Reflection Paper In the last decade, ethics in corporate America has become highly publicized following the discovery of unethical and fraudulent business practices in major corporations. Practices at Tyco, Enron, Arthur Anderson, and WorldCom, among others, have made these corporate names synonymous with corporate fraud. The unethical behavior of top executives such as Bernard “Bernie” Madoff and Martha Stewart for example, have resulted in critical issues for companies and wide reaching job loss.
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In addition, it is imperative that individuals avoid the use of any unlawful means. This philosophy ensures ethical achievement will provide rewards and respect for good and ethical “right” conduct.

Personal Ethical Perspective Based on the Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory assessments, the result of my ethical perspective is most closely aligned with “Character.” This suggests that my strong values include, “… that I want to be able to take pride in our decisions,” and “…that our reputation in the community is more valuable than anything else we do.” This evaluation also suggests that I believe that good people demonstrate quality actions and that good intent is based on quality of character which is more value than desired outcomes. Key concepts include integrity, excellence, honesty, honor, justice, compassion and wisdom. I concur that I work most effectively in an organization committed to social and individual responsibility, trust and empowerment. This is turn reflects on the company as a whole. Moral conflict between individual beliefs and organizational values can lead to frustration, cynicism, and early burnout (University of Phoenix, 2011). There exists a strong correlation between employees’ performance and corporate success. To reiterate, during the course of the MBA program, my ethical values and beliefs have changed. The curriculum has provided me increased insight into the impact and depth the actions

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