Essay on Ethics Of The Workplace : An Executive Response

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Ethics in the Workplace: An Executive Response In the case study, “We’ve Got You Covered” (Wolfe, Williams, Smith, Silvestri, & McClean, 2000), Justin Tyme, a new hire registered nurse, has shown great incompetence in many instances, all which have been noted by Justin’s fellow employees. On numerous occasions Justin has provided inadequate healthcare to the patients he is responsible for. Justin is known to not follow through with patient observations, he does not heed to the attending physician’s orders for patient care, he often misses dosing schedules and he continues to make mistakes even after fellow nurses bring them to his attention. This lack of focus presents a great danger to Justin’s patients as well as to his fellow employees. Justin’s performance reflects badly on the organization and puts undue pressure on his fellow employees since they often have to fix his many mistakes, which potentially puts their jobs at risk. In this situation, it is apparent that Justin lacks training and proper leadership. It is the job of the healthcare executive in charge to find a reasonable solution to first, restore trust in hospital staff and create a safe environment for patients. Next, the healthcare professional must also improve the organization’s process for hiring new staff and ensure that all healthcare providers and employees represent a high standard of care throughout the organization. Finally, the healthcare executive holds sole responsibility of providing…

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