Ethics Of The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative

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Ethics in Research
Since identifying the topic of faculty job satisfaction as an area of interest for my dissertation, I have been struggling to identify the proper method to conduct research at Western Governors University (WGU), the university where I work as full-time faculty. Each methodology appeared to represent a reasonable method to yield relevant results for WGU, but lacked relevance externally. Additionally, each research method appeared to bring with it ethical concerns that might lead to participant bias, researcher bias, or participant vulnerability. Upon conclusion of the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) ethical research practices when working with human subjects course, a possible means to address both the ethical concerns and concerns about external validity was identified. With the emphasis of this paper being on ethical research practices when using human participants, what follows is a description of my original research design and potential ethical concerns identified within this plan. Additionally, provided is a description of alternative methodologies that address the ethical concerns identified in the original research design, along with a rationale to address how the changes address the concerns identified.
Ethical Concerns in Original Design
Oftentimes, researchers identify potential research topics in their employment community, but struggle to identify plausible means that ensure ethical measures for the employees that…

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