Ethics Of Customer Relationship Management

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Customer Relationship Management in its purest form is good for both businesses and customers. It is the act of establishing and contributing to a relationship that is beneficial to both. The customer feels acknowledged and appreciated and the business cultivates loyalty and is better able to sell its wares.
In order for this relationship to be created customer data must be gathered and analyzed. A few years ago, I won’t say how many, I worked at Nordstrom as a salesperson. The culture was very customer-centric and each salesperson was asked to keep a personal book with a record for each customer including their name, address, phone number, purchases, size, likes and dislikes and special days. These books were like gold. Whenever one of
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A customer should have the right to decide what information they are comfortable providing. A company crosses the line when they decide to sell personal information to companies that have no relationship with their customer. It seems the selling of information is pervasive. I receive privacy letters from many different types of companies that I do business with - my mortgage company, my bank as well as various retailers explaining that they sell my information to third parties. I can call or write a letter to opt out but I often times wonder how far my information has gone before I ever received the notice. Why is it standard procedure to sell my information? Why do we need to opt out instead of opt in? I believe the answer is that big data is big business, not only for the companies gathering and selling information but also for data brokers whose sole purpose is to purchase, package and resell consumer information. Companies should be transparent in their plan for disseminating information from the onset of a relationship so consumers can decide if they are willing to trade their information for the products and services …show more content…
There have been so many breeches in personal information it’s almost impossible to not have been effected by one. Bloomberg and list the biggest recent hacks and it’s frightening to see the list - Target, Home Depot, T Mobil, Premera Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Anthem, Sony, JP Morgan, CVS and Costco photo, the IRS, even Donald Trump 's hotel chain. According to more than one billion personal records were illegally accessed in 2014 which is up more than 54 percent from the prior year. How can consumers make sure they are not a part of these statistics? What should businesses be doing to better ensure the safety of individuals and make sure they are not susceptible to these crimes?
I was involved in the Target hack though luckily I did not have their credit card so my social security number was not stolen. stated that target was required to improve data security including the designation of a chief information security officer. The company was also required to provide security training to its employees. The details of these improvements are not included. There doesn’t seem to be a clear set of standards or regulations for gathering or handling customer information instead the industry relies mostly on

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