Ethics Of Cloning : An Appeal For Save Life On Earth Essay

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Ethics of Cloning In The Creation: An Appeal to save life on earth, E.O. Wilson claims the next great extinction, in relation to mankind, is already in progress. If neglected, the extinction deems devastation to the degree of the final years of the Eremozoic Era. Wilson suggests that mankind takes a stand to either evolve alongside a quickly changing environment or change the whole environment around us by integrating genetic engineering (91). With this in mind, the twenty-first century has opened a new door into the world of genetic development. Genetic engineering has become more advanced over the last decade, and the biomedical field continues to find new ways to make lives easier. The reality society faces is a world of people dependent on medicines, narcotics, and genetically modified products. The idea of walking into the doctor 's office and asking for a different color of eyes seems seems unimaginable, however, genetic engineering has proven this possible. When will medical field cross the line that divides genetic engineering and “playing god?” Some may argue manipulating an organism 's genetic code can lead to frightening events such as an epidemic or mass genocide. The scientific breakthroughs achieved with this technology can make lives easier, but ultimately, this breakthrough can be used to save mankind from extinction.
Many people meander through their day oblivious to the fact that a majority of the products they use have been genetically modified in some…

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