Ethics Of Biological And Medical Research Essay

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To be ethically neutral is to have no duty to act. It is the idea that one has no bias and views no one side as having a right to an action. In this way, it can be said that an engineer is ethically neutral to a company who has not contracted him to complete a bridge design; or a nurse is ethically neutral to a patient to whom she is not assigned. The same cannot be said for a doctor who enters into a contract to care for a patient. Morals and ethics are intrinsic to the medical profession. Caring is intrinsic to the profession; It is not possible to provide care for someone without actually caring for them.
Bioethics is defined as the ethics of biological and medical research. The foundation of bioethics is based on autonomy: A person’s right to choose what happens to them, when it happens, and in what way.
Kass offers that the two leading reasons being put forth to justify medically assisted death are patient autonomy and compassion or benevolence. With regard to autonomy, he paints the physician who agrees to grant the wish of a patient to die as a hired hand, someone who mindlessly fulfills the patients every demand simply because the patient has a right to autonomy.
In the technical sense of the word, patients are the customers of doctors ie. patients pay a doctor for his/her service. In the traditional sense, however, the word customer is not accurate, for it implies a one-sided relationship. I as the customer tell you what I want, and you as the provider…

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